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Wellington Free Ambulance receives large funding boost

A substantial grant from ECCT has sealed the deal on the first phase of fundraising for the Wellington Free Ambulance Wairarapa Station.

In March 2024, Trustees approved a grant of $400,000 to help fund the Station. The original goal was to secure $7.5million but ended up reaching a grand total of $7.846million.

The service and support that will be delivered from this station fully supports ECCT's vision of creating sustainable and equitable communities.  John Bunny, ECCT Trustee added that the board were fully on board to support this initiative as the service is there to support everyone across the vast Wairarapa region. 

Building work began December 2023 at the Masterton site, with groundwork complete, foundations laid and structural elements well underway.   Located on the corner of Queen and Russell Street the Wairarapa Ambulance Station will house all local crews and emergency ambulance, the patient transfer service and rescue squad. The Lloyd Morrison Foundation Heartbeat Training centre will ensure that people all across the community continue to be trained in life-saving CPR skills and how to use an AED.  The building will be IL4 rated to ensure it is able to be fully operational in the event of a civil defence emergency.  After some delays related to site preparation and additional planning requirements due to the specialised nature of the IL4 construction, works are progressing smoothly towards a March 2025 opening for the team and community.

Wellington Free Ambulance was awarded this grant, the largest grant made to one single organisation by ECCT, via the old funding pathway, the Community Assets and Facilities Fund.