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Wairarapa Youth Charitable Trust – Wairarapa Boxing Academy

August 2022 – ECCT has been working with the Wairarapa Youth Charitable Trust since 2019 and Trustees & Staff toured the Wairarapa Boxing Academy on their recent trip to the Wairarapa.  ECCT has provided grants towards operational costs over the past few years. We were fortunate to have Laurence Titter provide a tour and an update on the facility and programme which he and his wife Channyn started back in 2017.  

The Academy started with the express intention of providing a safe place for young people in the Wairarapa to learn the benefits that the sport of boxing provides.

Their vision is to help rangatahi achieve their full potential and to make a positive contribution to their family, friends, and their community. The mission is beautiful in its simplicity – Empower rangatahi to be the best that they can be! 

The Academy works with rangatahi often from low decile areas within the region and it strives to provide a safe space for them to come and learn, grow, and meet new people.  Laurence explained how fees are often waived to ensure there are no barriers to prevent youth from having the opportunity to join the programme.   He also highlighted the importance of teaching rangatahi other things like responsibility, respect, and resilience. They teach the children from a young age to be able to engage with others and to make positive connections no matter their background. 

After an hour in Laurence’s company, listening to his own story which he shared with honesty, it is easy to see why people love coming to the Boxing Academy and why the programme is so successful.  Laurence’s passion and dedication to his community is inspirational and we are excited to see what comes next.     

Lawrence_Wairarapa_Boxing Academy

Laurence Titter at the Wairarapa Boxing Academy.