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We are TiraRangatahi, a rangatahi rōpū who work in partnership with Eastern and Central Community Trust.

Our name means the group that weaves youth together as one. This short video shows Harlem-Cruz Ihaia from our rōpū talking about what the name means to us. Our new logo itself was designed by another member of our rōpū, Jasmine Pai.



In the golden years of 2020 pre-Covid, a group of likeminded rangatahi from the communities that ECCT covers came together to create an action plan for Rangatahi. Said members are young parents, students, labourers, meat workers, entrepreneurs, youth workers and community advocates. So we all started in the middle of our own lives on completely different paths but with the same purpose to have the chance to make what we collectively agree to be a world changing kaupapa.

Majority of us come from ‘the struggle’. We come from those spaces where rangatahi don’t normally have their voices heard. We are authentic advocates for our rohe and we all have a common interest to make our communities better for rangatahi. We want to empower rangatahi and give them more ways to drive change and action in our communities for rangatahi. Everything we do has been created, curated, changed and developed by rangatahi. We are always developing, refining and growing.

TiraRangatahi is like a whānau. People come and people go. Then they come back when they can and then they go again if they must. A beautiful thing about our rōpū is that your commitment to the kaupapa is completely up to you. If something comes up in your life where you need to take six months away to work on yourself then that’s kei te pai. And if you think you’re ready to come back into the rōpū then nau mai.

In 2021, we created the Rangatahi Action Plan which shows how we aim to create change for rangatahi across our rohe. $4 million was allocated by ECCT for four years to fund the activities of the Action Plan. All of the funding initiatives are designed and delivered by TiraRangatahi.

In 2023, our kaupapa was showcased alongside other great funding initiatives in The Philanthropic Landscape Volume II – Shifting Culture and Power through Mana-Enhancing Partnerships. Click to read.

Ko wai mātou

TiraRangatahi is a rōpū made up of rangatahi from across ECCT’s rohe.  Check out these cool videos which introduces some of our group.

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