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ECCT achieves Toitū net carbon zero certification

As part of our Climate Change Action plan goals,  ECCT officially became a Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation in line with ISO 14064 1 in July 2023.

ECCT is proud to take science based action to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future.

Our current footprint is 25.59 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. This is the start of our carbon reduction journey, as we work to do our part to keep global temperatures within a 1.5 C increase.

While we take action to reduce emissions, we are proactively offsetting our impacts through the purchase of carbon credits from Hinewai Reserve, which has the additional benefit of social co- benefits.

Hinewai is an ecological restoration project on Banks Peninsula, privately owned and managed by the Maurice White Native Forest Trust and freely open for the public to visit on foot. Hinewai Reserve occupies 1,250 hectares in the south-eastern corner of Banks Peninsula on the east coast of the South Island near the town of Akaroa. Their primary aim is to foster the natural regeneration of native vegetation and wildlife under a management strategy of minimal interference. A secondary goal is to allow the visiting public to enjoy the reserve through the provision and maintenance of a walking track network.

To acquire these offset credits, ECCT had to be screened and approved directly by Hinewai.