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AtuaGods and ancestors with continuing influence over particular domains

Hapori – Community, family, society

IoSupreme being

Matangireia – This is the name of the  whare in the highest heaven where Tane went to consult with Io about the three kete of knowledge 

Pouārahi:  Pou – ike Te Poutokomanawa which holds the roof up in the wharenui and connects the earth to the sky/heavens. Ārahi: to drive, to lead. Pouārahi – our pou that drive change for rangatahi

Rangiātea – This is the name of the treasure house where Tane was gifted the three kete of knowledge by Io

Rōpū – Group of people, committee, organisation

TiraRangatahi – Our name means the group that weaves youth together as one

Wharekura – House of learning. In our funding, we refer to Wharekura as the  whare wānanga (university, place of higher learning) built by the atua to house the three kete of knowledge