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Climbing the walls in Levin

Finding the right play equipment for a busy community takes time and effort, and the team at Levin Adventure Park Charitable Trust were keen to start climbing the walls – in the best possible way.

The park is a favourite family destination for locals and visitors alike. Located on Oxford Street/State Highway 1, it offers something for everyone, from a bright and cheerful play area for under-fives, to play equipment for all ages, including tumbling drums, a ropes course, fitness trail, mini-ball court, skating area, swings, bocce courts, and a separate dog exercise area.

But upgrading park equipment isn’t cheap, and finding the right things to challenge a range of different age groups takes some research. The key component for this upgrade was a 9.3 high Tetragode play rope, which enables kids of all ages to climb up and around. The whole project was costed out in the vicinity of $150,000, and Eastern and Central Community Trust granted $15,000 towards the upgrade.

“Thousands of people visit the park each year, and it’s really popular with residents and visitors,” says Trust chairperson Pam Good. “We’ve had some really great feedback on Trip Advisor and Facebook about the park’s facilities, and it’s been recognised as one of the best in the business by Trip Advisor, who awarded it a five-star Certificate of Excellence.”

The Tetragode play rope consists of a main mast with a rope net that extends out in four directions to create its play space. It uses multiple ropes connected through innovative rings and connectors, which allow for the right amount of tension to enable multiple climbers to play on the ropes. The Trust are working with Australasian firm PlayRope and Horowhenua District Council to coordinate installation of the new equipment.

“We’re still waiting for the Tetragode structure to arrive in New Zealand, and we can’t wait for it to be installed,” says Pam. “It will provide a challenging and creative play environment for those aged eight and up. It’s another wonderful component to the park, which is such a focus for the community.”

Levin Adventure Park is also a magnet for community volunteers, who help run the miniature train on summer weekends, manage the amenities, and ensure the venue is free for everyone to enjoy. There’s even a coffee cart on site to help keep caffeine levels up.

“Part of the work of the Trust is to continue fundraising for the ongoing improvements in the Park. We have a strategic plan that we’re working to, and the installation of the Tetragode play rope is yet another achievement in the plan,” says Pam.

It looks like Levin will be a fantastic place to hang around in when the warmer weather arrives.