Ma te Kite, ma te hanga, ka puawai apopo | With Vision, with strategy, tomorrow will blossom


Te Whāinga Tahuhu | Vision

Building stronger, more sustainable communities.

Te Koruru | Mission

With integrity, courage and expertise, we manage and distribute funds to help build stronger, more sustainable communities in the Eastern  and central parts of New Zealand’s North Island.

Wāriu | Values

Our values are the principles that guide us daily in achieving our vision.
Collectively, these values help ensure we leave a lasting legacy where future generations thrive.

  • Ngākau pono (Integrity): Integrity is at the core of everything we do.
  • Ngākau Whakaute (Respect): For each other and our communities.
  • Ahei (Enabling): We enable community organisations to meet their goals and aspirations.
  • Kaitiakitanga (guardians): Courageous guardians of our assets, our people and our environment.
  • Urupare (Responsiveness): We are flexible in responding to our communities’ needs.

Ngā Whāinga Pou Tāhū | Objectives

  1. Te Pūtea (Capital) –  to preserve the capital base in real terms while making consistent levels of distributions.
  2. Tohatoha (Giving) – to distribute Trust funds, in partnership with our communities and stakeholders, in a fair and effective manner.
  3. Rōpū Whakahaere (Organisation) –  to exercise effective governance and management that reflects best practice.

Te Ara Whakatutuki | How we achieve this

These outcomes help guide ECCT’s work and the impact we seek from giving and other activities:

  1. Support community organisations that improves lives;
  2. Help build sustainable infrastructure that enriches people’s lives;
  3. Promote cohesive and constructive partnerships within our communities.